Practical study of a subject is of immense
importance. Theoretical knowledge is always incomplete without the support of practical environment. Keeping in mind the above mentioned importance of laboratory in our school ( Bandel Vidyamandir ) , we are providing the following facilities in Biological Science Laboratory.
1. A proper room set up to discuss, demonstrate and practice ‘ BIOLOGY ‘ as a whole by conventional chalk-duster method in assistance with advanced audio-visual platform of computer lab.
2. Demonstration with suitable chart, models, preserved specimens etc.
3. Identification of biological samples from permanent slides, wet specimens ( plants and animals ), dried samples, herbarium sheets ( for higher plants ) etc.
4. Simple and compound microscope for observation of biological samples.
5. We have a suitable set up for bio-chemistry, plant physiology experiments included under W.B.C.H.S.E.
Still we need much more adequate planning, infrastructure to establish our Biological Science Laboratory into a much more advanced status to bring up scientific attitude of the student and create more interest to the subject.