Headmaster Desk

Having been endowed with the task of T.I.C. of

my Institution Bandel Vidyamandir, at present I, intend to cater all round development works of my Institution. Crossing over the prolonged period of 64 years and presenting numberless alumni to the society,our Institution is still shining. Though not all the development works of Institution are done, in future years I shall

my best to complete the same with the assistance of my local

Panchayet, Member of Parliament, and Member of the Legislative Assembly and the present President of Managing Committee too. They have already spread their helping hands with their arrival at our Institution in many occasions off and on. By this time Youth and Welfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal along with M.L.A. Chinsurah, Sri Asit Majumdar has installed Multigim as a mark of modernized approach to life with which students will be approached in due course. Computerised system of education has already been started and the students are much interested in this sort of lesson programming. There are many problems still that I have to combat and I think with the assistance of my teaching staff and non-teaching I shall be able to solve the same. Stagnant water in rainy season is a problem to the Institution. The local Panchayet, the Panchayet Samity, the local M.L.A., S.D.O. have come forward to sweep the problem and the initial work has already been started. Moreover, the Ex-students and guardians have stood by the Institution for its well-being. I think a bright future prospect is waiting for our loving Institution.
Head Master