Rules And Regulation Of Bandel Vidyamandir
1. Students must attend school on time i.e. 10:45 a.m.
2. Students must bring their School Diary and Identity Cards every day
3. In an academic year, 75% attendance is mandatory for students, failing which students will not be allowed to sit in the examinations.
4. Students must come to school in proper uniform failing which they are not allowed to attend classes. Guardians are requested to co-operate with the School Authority in this matter.
5. In case of absence in the class room, proper reason should be furnished and jotted down at the school diary with guardian’s signature and date.
6. Students must not be sent to school if the student remains unwell/suffers from an infectious diseases even if tests are scheduled.
7. Students must complete all home assignments on regular basis.
8. DRESS CODE : BOYS : Sky blue shirt, blue trousers ( Jeans not allowed ), nevy blue sweater, black shoe with white socks. GIRLS : Red blouse with red bordered white saree OR White salwar-kurta with sky blue scarf. Nevy blue sweater, black shoe.
9. Students must not damage any school properties unless compensatory spending will be claimed.
10. Loss of Result and school diary, a sum of Rs. 30/- will be charged for duplicate copy. Rs.10/- will be charged for an additional badge.
11. Once entered in the school premises, no student will be permitted to leave school except illness.
12. During school hours, no student will be allowed to meet anyone other than guardians but with prior permission from Head of Institution.
13. Students must not bring money unless specifically asked for.
14. In case of issuance of Transfer Certificate, written application should be tendered 07 (seven) days in advance.
15. Any fees due to the students, should be cleared/deposited well before annual / 3rd Unit test/ Test Exam.
16. Students will be expelled on ground of severe indiscipline and misconduct if found guilty.
A. Bring expensive object like any electronic gadget, audio/video tapes, mobile phones, headphones etc to school.
B. Use hair gel, colour dye their hairs, fashionable hair cut.
C. Wear low waist trousers.
D. Wear wristlets, wrist bands, jewellery, cosmetics etc.